I am looking for a home

Are you looking for somewhere to live? Would you prefer to rent or to buy? We are able to offer several types of homes. Social rental homes, more expensive rental homes (private sector) and owner-occupied homes.

Social rental homes

We believe that everyone one should be able to live in a welcoming and affordable home. That is why we let social rental homes. They cost a maximum of 879.66 euros per month (price 2024) and you can sometimes obtain a rent subsidy from the Tax Authority.

Social rental homes are not intended for people with a high income. If you are entitled to a rental subsidy, you will - as of 1 January 2024 - be eligible for a home with a rental price of up to 650.43 euros (one or two persons) or 697.07 euros (three or more persons). The AOW age is also taken into account in the new income limits.

Responding to a social rental home

Are you looking for a rental home? The first step is to register as a home seeker. In Amersfoort and Utrecht, you can do this via the website of Woningnet; for Arnhem and Nijmegen, you can visit the website of Entree. In Leiden, this can be done by visiting the website of Huren in Holland Rijnland. Once you have registered, you will be able to respond to the homes on offer.

Private sector rental homes

We sometimes also let homes in the private sector. The homes in question have a rental price that exceeds 879.66 euros per month.

For these homes, registration with Woningnet or Entree is normally not necessary, although you must have a sufficient level of income.

Owner-occupied homes

We will be pleased to help you if you are looking for an owner-occupied (first) home in the city. This website contains our complete range of homes in five historical cities and various villages (in Dutch).